At the moment the vic20 startup script disables memory expansion - you can edit this (xvic.gpe) to change the emulator options. I will need to add options for this kind of thing to the preferences.

Shift isn't implemented on the virtual keyboard yet so you can't type quotes at the moment.

I just got my GP2X today and think its amazing. The first piece of software I installed was Vice2x and am extremely impressed. The menu system on the C64 emulator is perfect, nice and bright. Overall amazing work has been done here. It even has a working C16/Plus 4 emulator, which pleases me so much.

I have a couple of suggestions if thats alright?

The menu system on the Plus 4 needs to be the same colour scheme as the C64 as you cant really see what your clicking on.

Is it possible to add the feature which allows you to attach disk images to drive 8 and 9 so you can manually load the disks. Also will help with multiple disk software. Would love this facility on the Plus 4 too.

This might be a long shot, but is there any way you could enable 1551 emulation like the pc version of Vice. As alot of Plus 4 software was designed for this disk drive.

Thank you so much, I am now playing on my favourite machines on a cool handheld.

Will donate when I get paid next week.


I threw you a couple pounds ... more when I get a little better balance in the ol' Pay Pal account.

Not that my donation gives me any voice, but here is my list of requests:

1) Cartridge support ... I'm so lazy, I need my Action Replay shell tools :)
2) Directory Browsing/Launching - MANY of the early EA games won't load if you use "*" but WILL load with "EA" (which we cannot do without AT LEAST shift support on the keyboard). The Directory Browser in Frodo is a good start.
3) Keyboard Fixes - Shift was mentioned, but also UP and LEFT don't work.
4) Some Key/Button Config - For playing something like Gateway to Apshai, we need button reassignments to handle the INCREDIBLE use of Function Keys during the game. I'd like to be able to set all six buttons to a couple of configurations something like A/B for fire/spacebar (selectable - I don't like using A to fire; B is more natural), L for F1, R for F3, Y for F5, X for F7, and stick-in button be Run/Stop (optional). This would allow for ZERO virtual keyboard for Gateway to Apshai as well as MOST other games. Virtual Keyboard on the SELECT button. Something like that. I really want to avoid the virtual keyboard if possible. What would rule even more is PER GAME configuration - but I'm not greedy. :)
5) Port 1 / 2 quick swap .. Toy Bizarre uses port 1 (weird) and I'm always thinking that I need to hit some special key to start, when in reality, its just the wrong port.
6) Compatibility fixed for old EA games. Games like Adventure Construction Set, Legacy of the Ancients, Racing Destruction set, etc. all seem to use some weird loader system that TOTALLY pukes Frodo and doesn't appear to friendly with VICE either.

That's it for me!