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Feb 28, 2003
I've made good progress with a GP2X port of VICE, which emulates a number of Commodore machines including the c64, c128 and the VIC20.

VICE is more accurate than Frodo so many more things will work, but its also much more CPU hungry - when I ported it to the gp32 it was way too slow and I had to abandon it. Happily though, it's already quite playable on the GP2X. I've just been playing Cauldron 2 and Mayhem in Monsterland :)

Need to write a UI for it now.
AWESOME! The best and most accurate C-64/128/Pet etc emulator of all time, THANK you for this! Alternate Reality: The Dungeon, you live again!
All the VICE machines are built and will ultimately be released but only the c64 one is included in the current test release.
Does it also support the 1541 II floppy drive? Many demos, such as Flatline or Speedway only work with the faster floppy drive at an accurate speed. And if 1541 II is not emulated you can forget those stylish demos.

snaff posted on Dec 23 2005 at 01:58 AM said:
I've just been playing Cauldron 2 and Mayhem in Monsterland :)

WOW! it actually plays mayhem in monsterland?
that really is what you call an accurate emulator!

I remember reading about all the hacks and tricks that this games does to the real hardware, and many actual C64s wouldn't even run it because of some marginal chip-timing problems or something.

I've been running WinVICE for a while on my office PC, casually trying out various games, but I didn't appreciate just how good it really is. impressive stuff.
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Awesome !!! I'll buy a GP2x !
Vice run at fullframe rate ?
snaff you are a legend! This may be the big reason for me to buy a gp2x....

Can someone please do me a favour and test these games:

Turrican 3 - A very recent game
Gribblys day out

Once I know these are working and stave states are in effect, I may take the necessary steps. :)
beb posted on Dec 23 2005 at 11:35 AM said:
Awesome !!! I'll buy a GP2x !
Vice run at fullframe rate ?

Sometimes the auto-frameskip jumps up pretty high, sometimes it goes low and it's very smooth. It still needs more testing to see how it runs with the frameskip fixed at various levels.
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