Free Launcher and PC-link won't download?


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Jun 15, 2002
I am trying to download the Free Launcher and PC-link software from the English GamePark site and am not having any luck with it. My GP32 has been successfully registered but when I try to download the Free launcher it says there is no signature file, and the PC-link download justs there is a CGI error and that there is a misinterpreted HTTP ??? Anyone know what the problem is?
The whole thing is a bit odd so it's a bit hard to know exactly what the problem least, that's the case for me. But since it's a really bad thing not to be able to run freelauncher.

To download freelauncher, you have to authenticate your GP32 at the same time. You can't do it then come back later, or go even to another page while you do it. You have to do it all at once.

As for the PC-Link software, you could always try a different browser, or try again later, and it'd probably work. But that's a hassle either's got to be on another site somewhere. I downloaded it before I got my GP32!
It looks like it's a problem on their end. I'm trying to download pc link and the free launcher. I've tried several different browsers and I get same error when I try to download either application:

"The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers. The headers it did return are:"

Lousy stinking misbehaving applications...
This is true, I just got my GP32 Today and I can't even get the Free launcher! :(
This is a bunch of BS. They won't answer email about the problem either. How the hell are you suppossed to play all the downloadable games, emulators, etc.. if you can't get either the launcher or the PC-link? Doesn't make any sense why you are able to authenticate the GP32, yet you can't download the necessary software to run the damn thing. ;)
Hopefully they're aware of the problem. Just to be sure, I sent a polite email to the contact for the website, asking him to forward the information I gave him to whoever is responsible for the upkeep of the english site.
Heh - glad to know I am not the only one having this problem, it has been driving me nutzoid all day trying to get the bloody freeloader to download. At first I was getting messages that appeared to indicate that I hadn't registered (although I had completed the reg wizard and it reported success), later I was getting the broken CGI messages. Still am. Maybe they are just having a bad server day. I certainly hope so, because at the moment all I have is a rather expensive and bulky MP3 player :/.

What I don't get is why they have hidden the system's major functionality behind such an obscure and broken method of registration. I could understand that for pay-to-download software, but this is just an app that lets us run freeware games. Why make us jump through broken hoops just for that?

Anyway, here's hoping they sort it out soon. I'm genuinely intrigued to see what this thing is capable of (and rather fond of the idea of having most of my back catalog available to go!)

:)-) - Yak
It's just a wierd sort of copy protection for their commercial software, I think. It might work in a small, densely populated country like South Korea but it doesn't really work with an entire world. You don't really have to look too far to get dumps of GP32 games, and they probably work on normal SMC's if you wipe the whole thing. It's just that since it's a small user group anyway, most of us wouldn't because we genuinely appreciate the machine! Anyhow, I don't know the legality of the files, so I can't really upload them somewhere myself or I would...

Btw Yak, glad to see you've got one...I hope you do enjoy it when you get it working. I'm sure it'll be mind boggling to play all your old games on the thing! It's a very nostalgic machine...emulation is actually more enjoyable on it than it is on a new pc! I just don't get why that is at all!

And I also hope you end up making something for it as well if you get the time :p
Heads up chaps - I just tried the Gamepark site and got my Freeloader download!

:)-) - Yak
Thanks for the heads up Yak, I just downloaded the launcher. Still haven't got the PC-Link downloaded yet, but I guess I can get that elsewhere. Thanks. :D
Yep, got me GP today, registered the console but can't get the PC LINK anywhere GRRRRRRRRRR, Anybody know where i can get hold of a copy???

Many thanks
Cheers Kao

Many many thanks, i was on the verge of seeing if this Lump hammer here would help the Game Park connect to my PC :D .

Once again thanks
Best regards
good luck, hehe...

Man, I still love this thing! I haven't been so satisfied with a console since...well, MAYBE the dreamcast, but I'd have to go back and say my ol' Megadrive, cos that was my first 16-bit console (and i was satisfied with SNES too, before someone starts that arguement :p). And trust my judgement, cos' I wasn't terribly satisfied with GBC's or GBA's :) (NGPC's were actually good, though!)
Yeah, I'm loving it too. I have a load of PC-Engine ROMs (most of them I can legally own too, since I had a big for-real PC-Engine collection back in the day) and it is just *great* having shedloads of them and the GPEngine emu all stashed away on my SMC and ready to play at any time :).

Looking forward to when the c64 emu gets a bit tidier too... lots of faves I'd like to have available on the gp32 when that happens :).

:)-) - Yak