Can Anyone Send Me Free Launcher


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Jul 20, 2004
the english download page is down
could someone please send me free launcher?

many thanks

so what can i do?
do i just have to wait for the site to come back online?
chimpxp posted on Jul 20 2004 at 12:30 PM said:
so what can i do?
do i just have to wait for the site to come back online?
You can do it on IRC. Follow the bit from "The second way - Registering via IRC" on this page. Post here if you don't know how to use IRC.
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i've managed to register at joygp, so i can download some things....but i still can't use freelauncher
Just a quick question, before I suggest heading off to IRC as is everyone else. Are you certain you need it?

You only need the Freelauncher if your GP32 boots into a mostly yellow screen with three option to choose from (PC-Link, Games, MP3) as opposed to a mostly blue-white screen with two (PC-Link, Games), or with a menu that pops up if you hold SELECT when turning it on with Pacrom or Wind-ups as options as well as the official f/w. Basically, if you bought the GP32 from GBAX or from Lik-Sang (recently), it shouldn't need it. Also shouldn't need it if its a BLU.

Just worth pointing out since someone who was deseprately trying to get the freelauncher working popped up a few days ago, managed it, and then realised it wasn't needed for his GP32...

Anyways, if it is needed, just head on over to IRC. #GP32 is the place to get it encrypted. If you can't manage that, try asking there for help, and if no-one says anything, go to #gp32dev to ask again.