Newbie! Help Please....


Still Fresh
Feb 26, 2004
I made it through registration and the PC link app is running as well. My problem is the download of the free launcher. Nothing works! I just can't get it.
What do i do wrong? Please help...
Is Freelauncher encryted? if not I can send this guy a copy....beyond that we need more information
Have you signed up to both website, JoyGp and Gamepark????

If not then is there not another launcher program guys????

you can download the free launcher via!!
you just need the gp32 registration number or something like that!
I have the Auth tool, and in the meantime i was able to download the free launcher.

Thanks anyways, guys. (Don't ask me what i did wrong before)

Did i get this right, nobody else is able to use my free launcher, because it is encrypted? That sux.....