Found some fonts for archeological musicians...


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Dec 14, 2012
I can translate the text in the "samples.pdf" for anyone interested:

Ὁ ἤρεμος γενειοφόρος, πῆρε τὸ προσωπεῖο καὶ τὸ ἀκούμπησε χάμω. Δὲν τὸ φόρεσε. Τὸ πρόσωπό του λίγο - λίγο μεταμορ-
φώνεται. Γίνεται πιὸ νέο, πιὸ θετικό, πιὸ παρόν. Σὰ ν’ ἀντιγράφει τὸ προσωπεῖο. Μεγάλη παύση κι ἀναμονή. Ἕνα ἄστρο
ἔπεσε… Κάτω, στ’ ἀκρογιάλι, ἀκούγεται τὸ τραγούδι τῶν ναυτῶν, ἕνα ἀπροσποίητο, λαϊκὸ τραγούδι, περικλείνοντας

The calm bearded man, took the mask and placed it on the ground. He did not wear it. His face, slowly changes.
It becomes younger, more positive, more present. As if he is copying the mask. A long pause and wait.
A star has fallen... Down by the beach, the sailors' song can be heard, an unpretentious, folk song, enfolding
(the text ends here without a period, suggesting an incomplete sentence)

The above text is in Demotic Greek, very similar to Modern Greek, albeit with plenty of differences in vocabulary and a few in suffixes.

There is another sentence above it (in the pdf), a short one. It is in Ancient Greek, and there are two words that I can't identify but can only guess without great accuracy, as Ancient Greek wasn't my strong suit back in school; and to be honest, nothing else was xD

γλυκεια [ματερ], ου τοι δυναμαι [κρεκειν] τον ιστον
sweet [mother], I can not [break] the web
[guesses in brackets]