Firmware Upgrade Compatible Cards And Faq

K2A3P88 posted on Aug 6 2006 at 06:28 PM said:
I think im getting a viking 1gb card. That should work, right?

i have a kingston 1GB card and i cant upgrade the firmware with it
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I have a kingston 1gb and my gp2x works on firmware v 2.0

I just recently bought the gp2x.
which SD card from this two (I'm considering to buy one of them) is better and which is firmware upgrade compatible (that's very important for me)??

- SD CARD ADATA 4GB Turbo 150x
- SD CARD APACER 4GB High Speed 150X
Shikaku posted on Sep 27 2006 at 03:29 PM said:
I think this thread is now outdated and should be closed/archived.... New units with firmware 2.0 should not suffer from this problem, and it is probably confusing the newbies.

My unit didn't come with firmware 2.0. It came with whatever firmware it was that was two versions older (can't be arsed to look it up as it doesn't matter what number it was anyway). And it's only a couple of months old too. The place I bought it from probably had a large inventory of older units they had to get rid of...

So it might be a bit premature to conclude that all new units sold will be Firmware 2.0 units.
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with new firmware coming (appently) it will be interesting to see how the upgrade-card landscape changes.
Firmware upgrade also works fine on my TOPRAM 2GB SD-card, so you can add this one to the 'Working cards' :)

This issue has been obsoleted by programs and the newest firmwares, very few people should have the older firmwares. There is a Uboot updater that fixes incompatibility if you are trying to upgrade to 2.0, and all units shipped today are 2.0 or higher.

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