Fining Out Old Specs For Pc Games.

386dx40 was the processor in my first home computer :p

Had to skip the whole booting process to run DooM effectively.
I got a feeling all the old Apogee games will run sweet. That's a fair few great old dos games right there.
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If they have box scans for the games you want to find out about, MobyGames is probably worth checking for the system requirements for older games, too. :p

Awesome find, thank you.

I now know the most up to date championship manager game is 01/02. Thanks again.


Doesn't list the minimum specs, and I seriously doubt a game from 2008 would work anyway. But cheers for the help.
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Starcraft might run on a pandora using sheepshaver to emulate a powerPC mac.

System requirements for Starcraft are

PowerMac or compatible
System 7.6 or higher
256-color, 640x480 display or better
90 MHz processor

from wikipedia.

I used to run it on my apple performa with a 92mhz powerPC processor
To actually answer your question, the latest championship manager game you will be able to play on the pandora seems to be Championship Manager 2, as the games after that are for windows, not DOS. Even then, it apparently needs a 486 or better so it may not run very well anyway.

Basically, if 'up to date' PC games is what you're looking for then the pandora is not for you.

It seems that 97/98 uses the same engine, so that might work as well.
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Basically, if 'up to date' PC games is what you're looking for then the pandora is not for you.
Cheers. And yeah, I wouldn't expect the latest pc games to run on anything other than, well, a modern pc really!
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I've been checking for the specs of a lot of old adventure games (Gabriel Knight, Police Quest, Quest for Glory).

So far, I am pleasantly surprised at the number of games that require a 386, or lesser, processor!

I checked out the specs for The Dig, and found that the game requires a 486 processor, but ran just great on Scumm for the gp2x.

Is Scumm (for LucaArts games) more efficient than DOSBox?
In my experiences, scummvm has been faster for pretty much everything.
True enough.

I am just surprised that the sierra virtual machines have not been developed to the polished state of the Scumm virtual machine.

Those sierra games are the true classics, are they not ;)