Should I Buy A New Pc Or Pandora?


DingooWiki Admin
Mar 26, 2007
Chicago, IL - USA
I thought this would be an interesting topic.

Right now, I'm looking into upgrading my PC to the following specs:

Pentium Dual Core E2140 (OC'd to 3.2 Ghz, a 100% overclock!)
Gigabyte DS3L Motherboard
2 GB DDR2 667mhz Ram

The following I already have, and will use in the new system:

ATI Radeon X850 Pro 256MB
160GB Western Digital Hard Drive
Ultra 400W PSU

I could upgrade my PC to the specs above for about $180, or I could buy the Pandora.

Why should I buy the Pandora instead of a new PC?

Forgive me for saying so, but this is a rather stupid question. We have no idea what uses you may, or may not have for a PDA, or a portable emulator that plays multiple platforms different games.

IF you want to be able to take your game and go mobile, like in the backseat of a car, and play a game, thats going to be a lot easier on the panda, then on the PC, IF you need a portable device to take notes on when in class, or on a meeting, the panda will be easier to bring there, then the PC, and so on.
Pandora isn't available yet and it could take longer than expected (it mostly does), so I would upgrade the PC.
and while your at it upgrade the whole pc...I mean when you slap another mobo you are so better off just uppin the whole thing....matter a fact have you even topped out your old board yet???

I dunno because when I read this normally when you upgrade, you upgrade the board you have in there...what your doing basically is an overhaul...
They're very different, so which would you use more? that's all you need to decide for the answer. You could always get the upgrade now and save for P - it's still 3-6 months away before you have the opportunity to get one

(I reckon it's going to be late, hope I'm proved wrong)
Well, honestly, it's going to take a while before they release it. I spent my cash pile ($150) on a new shell, screen, and other accessories for my DS. I wanted something to keep me busy. So, if you're really into PC gaming, then yeah, you should probably upgrade. But if you want to hold your breath while the Pandora gets pushed back, it's up to you. Who knows, maybe it will come out sooner than we expected, but in all likelihood it won't be released too soon. So yeah, do it if you get stir crazy, or are able to make enough money to buy it when it's released.
Even if Pandora can accomplish basic PC tasks like internet use, playing emulators and media files the screen will still be small, uncomfortable to stare at reading text for any length of time and the high resolution doesn't change that; it's too easy to think 800x480 and think of a modern PC LCD that's 19" or bigger..... when in actuality it'll be more like 4" across which will murder your eyes for anything but games in most cases. There's a reason they called that movie converter for iPod 'iSquint' after all....

Just upgrade your PC. Check the 12v amperage rating of that Ultra PSU though, last I checked their quality was very questionable. Any quality PC is worth a reliable PSU, and one that fails can wipe out all the hardware it is connected to. I'd drop $75 or so on a good future-proof Antec, Enermax, Forton or other reputable brand for your power supply and it will last you a damn long time. I've been using my Antec 380W (2x 12v rails rated for 16A each) fanless supply for years without a hiccup.
Yeah, the Thermaltake 600W power supplies are pretty nice. They have very attractive copper meshing with fiber-woven cords, I'm happy with it. Just a heads up though, 600W will kill your electric bill, but if you need to overclock, then it's probably a good idea. I have a similar videocard (the X850XT) and I was required to get a 600W just to keep my system operational when overclocking. They are just 9800XTs with a beefed up core, and man, do they need power.
Antec Neo HE, for high efficiency. Cost a bit more but I will never buy anything else, the old ps would heat half the house with it's exhaust, Neo HE at full wail you put your hand behind it and it's like a little baby's breath, only needs a little 80mm fan instead of the 120mm most are going to, even it barely spins. Simply awesome, everything else is a space heater.