Fgen Weekend Beta Compatibility List

Jr2swiss posted on Apr 25 2004 at 08:20 AM said:
Oo k thx, i remember you, i recognize your icon anywhere, havnt seen that icon for a while, u been somewhere i guess, unless im totally wrong which would suck :blink:
Ya, I made it a while back..I should extend it when im bored some day (any ideas?)

Sorry about how off topic I became...three woots for fgen!
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Hey thanks man... i'm done for now as i've gotta do some real work.. but i've got loads more roms to put across and try. Currently theres a lot of non working but as long as a few work well then thats fine. Just like to try and get a list of working ones and keep them all on you know :)
I updated the compatibility site a bit last night. (just so it wasn't all black. it was kinda annoying.) I didn't do a whole design, I just changed the colors up a bit to be a little softer. Lemme know if you hate it and want it back to the way it was.

And also, if you would like a list of everything that has been reported on so far, click on the Print Friendly link on the left hand side. you can quickly scroll down and see the games that work well, etc.