Yeah, I removed the GB directory then made a new one with nothing but ROMs in it, so I don't think there was anything left behind. But the screen goes black (but lit - the GP is still on) when I try to launch anything in fCol32 or fGB32, zipped or unzipped. The non rlyeh stuff on there still seems to work fine. I'll try another card reader when I get home, but I don't see it being that.
try harvest moon - also deadalian opus for gb is good - and zelda series - I play snoopy tennis mostly!


while were on the subject - has anyone noticed odd timing problems?

harvest moon three especially? massive screen flickers coming in/out of rooms

if someone else could try it out it would be appreciated!

sPaCe :ph34r:
oh wow ... the gameboy, one of first and favorite systems B) :p

my collection (in no order):

F1 race is like rad racer/pole position

Chess Master (i bet you can guess what it's about)

Contra Spirit (J) / Contra - The Alien Wars

Kirby's Pinball land and Revenge of the Gator :wub:

kirby's dream land 2 (very well known and done platformer)

Twin-Bee (cute shooter)

Tetris Attack (one of my favorite action puzzle games! there's no dropping blocks here ... if you want a pokemon themed version find pokemon no panemon)

Bust-A-Move 2 (there may be better versions of this game for other emulators)

hentai.gbc (public domain rom, great to run and show to friends for a laugh)

rtype2 (hella shooter, good conversion for smaller screens ... the pcengine version may be better)

gargoyle's quest :wub: all time fav! platformer mixed with rpg, perfect formula!

and of course i play a lot of LittleSoundDj :ph34r: ... HOWEVER, until ryleh does button-configeration in fgb32, it's a bit of a pain to do some common operations.
Thanks and keep 'em coming guys. I think I'll have to create another couple of 16MB SMCs as my first was near full before I asked for suggestions :D
Scrabble on the Gameboy Color is excellent as it has decent difficulty levels, saved stats and a cunundrum game. It's the best computer Scrabble I have seen and is better than the GBA version.

Pokemon Pinball is an excellent Pinball game for the GBC. There is lots to do, 2 tables, bonus stages and the original Pokemon to catch.

If you were ever into the old 8-bit isometric room games (such as Head Over Heels) then you should try Monster Max by the same people the wrote HOH. It is Gameboy mono though.

Has anyone mentioned Tetris DX yet?

Also, ... Micro Machines for the GBC is a faithful conversion of the NES MM games. Mario Picross is an excellent GB Mono puzzle game you should try. Jet Pac is a really good PD ROM for GBC.
Elevator Action (GB)
Elevator Action EX (GBC) - runs a little too fast but is still playable, just harder
Kirby's Dreamland 2
Colin McRae Rally
Most of my favourites have been mentioned but I would like to add the Beatmania games to the list. One of the games doesn't seem to work properly for me but Beatmania Gotcha Mix 2 is a good one. It can be a little tricky to get used to playing on the GP but it's still a lot of fun.
Picross is also worth a go if you enjoy puzzle games. I've been playing the SNES version a lot but I'm sure that the GB version is just as good, only smaller. ;)

To comment on a couple of game already mentioned. Mario Land 2 is a great game. Pretty easy to finish but lots of hidden things to find. Mario Land 1 however... :angry: when I originally bought this game it took me an hour after opening the box to play and finish it. Only taking a bit longer to repeat the task on the slightly harder mode. Stick to Mario Bros DX if you want a slice of the original gameplay.