Best Tennis Game On Gp32


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Feb 9, 2004
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Hey I've recently been getting into tennis games thanks too mario tennis for the GBC.
Unfortunatly, I don't know of many that can be run on the GP32 other than Tie break tennis(GP32) and mario tennis(GBC)...

So can people please state your favorite tennis game PLAYABLE on the GP32 :D
That question has been asked here before, so it might be worth searching old posts.

Final Match Tennis on the PC engine is probably the best simulation type tennis game. I'm still rubbish at it though! I still occasionally play GBC mario tennis, which is good for a quick game on the train.
theres a gp32 tennis game??

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I have tried several tennis games on various systems. My favourite is Atari Tennis on the Atari 800, its awesome. Stop laughing at me, I'm being sincere.

Edit: Since we are all putting up screen shots here it is!!


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about 5 yrs ago i COULD NOT STOP PLAYING gameboy tennis, yeh the orig B/W one.

real simple, real fun, still is.

GBC has mario tennis, which is alright, also snoopy tennis is supposed to be pretty good.
Does Pete Sampras Tennis work on Dr.MD? - I think theres a Cyclone bug preventing it.

Pete Sampras Tennis 96 (E) [c][!] works fine, but Pete Sampras Tennis (E) (J-Cart) [c][!] does not.

My favourite tennis game is Grand Slam Tennis (E) [!], it works on DrMD. The only thing is the set scores are displayed wrong ie when you win a game but the score says that the computer one the game. But the scores are only being displayed incorrectly, internally they are fine.
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