With FFX being my second favorite FF game in the series, I was excited when the announced a sequel, but looking at the commercials on tv, it looks really gay.

Has anybody here played it, is it any good?
I've recently finished FFX-2 and from my point of view - it's crap. I really didn't enjoy the game. While visuals, sounds, music are very very good, the game itself is for me horibble. The dress sphere system is very good idea, which is killed by too speedy ATB system. I can't understand why Square choose ATB system instead turn-based. Why why why ? Also, the story is very poor. It's simply the game with gilrs in main roles for girls (no offence). The game received very good ratings in various magazines but for me it's the worst FF game ever. Oh I almost forgot to tell that I've played every single FF game except FF XI which is MMORPG. So I'am bit fanatic about FF, but already sensible.