Favorite Youtube channels

Mostly gaming for me

Explaining Computers
Gamers Nexus
Game Sack
Jim Sterling
Extra Credits

quer (German)
Terra X Lesch & Co (German)
Ehrlich Essen (German)
I'm currently subscribed to:
ComputerPhile (a sister channel to Numberphile I think)
BitSocket (a couple of gamers with a good sense of humour)
NoClip (professional gaming documentaries)
Stika (gaming show)
and I've just subscribed to FullyCharged which is Robert Llewelyn's show about electric cars and renewables.

Curiously, Stika shows his face when streaming, while the BitSocket guys don't, but they do do skeches or reactions or shots of them chatting in their shorter shows, while Stika just does a voice-over for those. The bitsocket guys also have a podcast, but I don't have time for that (and I only skim the streams if I'm honest).

Edit: Oh, and EEVBlog, but I don't subscribe to that via youtube these days. He's got a back end video feed where you can download the mp4s more directly (although they seem to come in fits and starts these days).
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according to youtube's sorting of my subscribed channels (sans the ~18 sewing channels i subscribed to last week) my favs are:

Household Hacker (life hacks that are actually useful)
Bad Lip Reading (... that one explains itself i think. watch the "seagulls" video!)
Mario Wienerroither (takes the music out of music videos and adds sound effects :3 very funny stuff)
BriTANick (very, very funny comedy shorts; they're not uploading much these days bc they have a show now, but their existing videos are gooood)
Good Cop Great Cop (similar to BriTANick, but different)
StopDrop&Retro (gaming hardware reviews (well, obscure handhelds mostly), well-researched videos about scammy kickstarters)
Larry Bundy Jr. (video game lists, and some board game reviews)
mans1ay3r (like Bad Lip Reading, but with video games. very specific kind of humor though; you'll either find it funny or you'll hate it. i sent his "jarl ballin'" clip to a ton of people and got very mixed reactions)
Gemma Stafford (baking/making sweets explained well. if you're a total noob and want to make really good cakes, cupcakes, frappucinos, or ice cream, search her channel!)

tbh i also enjoy buzzfeeds youtube channel (okay, mostly their "tasty" channel), but man you gotta scroll a lot to find the interesting stuff. solid sunday morning "my brain needs a rest" content though ;)
This is by no means a complete list but it contains the major ones.
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What I usually watch:

The Food Ranger - Sometimes you just need to build up an appetite, and it's good to see what food Trevor tastes heh.
Plush Time Wins (Yes, Crystal has a tiny Minnie Mouse voice) but it's an awesome series about arcades
Matt3756 - Another Arcade Channel but sometimes has Mini Golf
What's Inside? - Investigating inside things a fun way, pretty neat channel (The Family VLOG is sometimes good)
Louis Rossmann - Love this guy for what he does, learnt a lot
Nintendo Thumb - Sometimes Mario Maker is fun to watch
Yes Theory
Brian Hull - Guy can do many voices, generally around DisneyLand making the characters lose their shit
LGR - Woodgrain.. Computers That is all
Dash Cam Owners Australia Endless entertainment here from idiots who drive like idiots.
Grandpa Kitchen - Guy does good for orphaned children. I love the way he speaks and puts care into his food.
Wintergaten - The Marble Machine 2.0, that is all.
ONLY in JAPAN - John really shows good stuff around Japan
Wildlife Aid - A great organisation, they have a lot of videos about British wildlife recovering from accidents.. or not.
ED's channel is also good to watch sometimes ;)

I do also subscribe to things like Jimmy Kimmel Live / Jimmy Fallon / Ellen Show and things like that.. iJustine and Linus Tech Tips are also on my list however mostly just for information and usually take their advice like a pinch of salt.
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Wintergarten - The Marble Machine 2.0, that is all.
I love the Marble Machine. I did not list this one, but I check it every once in a while for updates. It is not Wintergarten though, it is Wintergatan (without the second r).

You remind me that I have the piano sheet music of that Marble Machine video song somewhere, I should practise it. I would love to have the sheet music of the version played by Lara de Wit.
I will keep my weirdo YouTube viewing to myself, but I was recently made aware of a ST:TNG, um, adult video. It is on YouTube minus some scenes.
I'm surprised nobody's mentioned the eclectic armada of boat-building projects out there, including
  • SV Seeker
  • Tally-Ho
  • Arabella
Project Binky (no relation) is also worth watching. Two muppets from Shropshire think they can put a Celica GT4's running gear in a classic Mini. This involves tea - and biscuits!

Edit: I thought of more:
  • Tom Scott (Surely someone's mentioned him by now?)
  • Franlab (electronics, crafts, retro things)
  • Techmoan (Old/obscure audio/visual equipment)
  • Clickspring (Traditional clock-making)
  • Cody's lab (Practical chemistry)
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Bad Obsession Motorsports a good choice there Binky, MCM also of course.
found a few of my regulars listed here as well. @Caine seems to share a few of mine...
for Photography try Serge Ramelli mostly the older ones. in the last year the tutorial side seems to have slowed down a lot but check out the older ones for lightroom and photoshop tutorials
The only game/tech related ones I watch that haven't been mentioned yet are:



Roses reviews old games, mainly point and click games, and does a few long plays with LGR.

UnPlayedAThing does long plays of mainly older games, his voice I can listen to in the background while I do other things. Like Roses his commentary isn't just funny but gives a lot of history of the games and it's creators.

I don't like let's plays that don't give something else besides comedy anymore, I just got bored of them, they need useful knowledge of what they're playing.

Dude perfect are just a bunch of dudes which are perfect at what they do lol
Gotta take some time to check those lists, looks promising...

From the top of my head, I have my three main check-every-minute channels as :
Lazy Game Reviews
The 8-Bit Guy (and sister channel 8-Bit Keys)

but I also like to check from time to time and in no particular order nor frequency :
Doug DeMuro
Modern Vintage Gamer
Nostalgia Nerd
Technology Connections
Woody Piano Shack
AutomationGame (for dev updates)

Plus some never updated or translated channels :
Low Score Boy
OneyNG (might not be SFW)

and probably many more. Might edit this post if I remember others. And add descriptions and classification if you'd like me to.
Also some french YTers (JDG, Karim Debbache, BenzaieTV, Antoine Daniel, SLG, LinksTheSun...).

Basically, as long as it talks about vintage electronics in a digestible, quality-in-mind way, I'm game.