Faulty Wiz?


Still Fresh
Jan 21, 2008
This is my 2nd day having a Wiz and these are the problems I'm having :

1. tried to use a Sandisk 2 GB SD card on my Wiz and sometimes it will hang my Wiz like playing a game from the card and suddenly black screen appears. It has appears quite a number of times with blue led still on.

2. changed another Sd card(lexar) but this time round, but another problem occurs which is i am playing one of the built-in game while the sd card is inside the wiz, the whole machine suddenly has a "pick" sound and then black screen with blue led still on...

3. I paused my game from wiz and placed it on the table with a little more strength and the whole thing goes black screen with the blue power on led still on.

I suspect the motherboard of the wiz is having problems.

Any1 having the same problems or similar problems like me?

Hope someone can help me.

Been corresponding with Tony Han from www.gp2xwiz.com about this matter and I hope something can be done cos I am so hooked to Wiz.