Farewell all. I am out.

We should have a graveyard thread, and pay homage to all our dearly departed's.   ^_^
This graveyard would give us zombies. :D
In time for Halloween in the US   :)

Those zombies will come back to visit/response to that graveyard thread FeaMinx wants to create.  Because it's their new home :)
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@Klumpen: Zombies, you say? What zombies? *bites you* :D

@ Shenmue: Indeed :p

What's everyone doing for Halloween? A new Halloween thread is needed..and with ghost stories! Ooooo

Coco! Come back!
Mmm falafel is awesome, now i'm hungry. Think the FaeMinx has a good idea for an "In Memoriam" thread because then if peeps ever return it will show them how much we miss them