Farewell all. I am out.

^  Yeah agree.  I got smacked and kicked in the ass couple of times, but folks here are very straight forward and that just makes me want to learn more  :D
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There have been a slew of excellent .pnd shooters recently and if you are a fan of that genre I would download them. Gunroar is amazing.

The PPSSPP emulator has improved markedly since it's inception. 

Also quite a few old school PC games have recently been ported to the Pandora such as RTCW,Quake 3 Arena, Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight 2 & 3. My personal favorites are Freespace 1&2.

 There is much more and more on the way!!!!

Good ol Pandora will never just lay down and surrender. :D  

I wish there was a Cybiko emulator...,,,off topic.
From that^ to farewell in less than 24 hours, has someone hacked your account?

All the best whether you're out or not. :)
Seems a little sudden and unexpected especially given the number of awesome SHMUPS that you have on your Pandora but i'm sure you know what you're doing, see you round CCF
Dunno, the Cybiko doesn't strike me as a likely successful second emulator project. It's a russian design based on Japanese chippery. The main CPU is an H8 chip - the precursor to the SuperH chips used in Sega consoles in the 90s, and while it was used in a few Japanese arcade boards as sound processors and the likes, so should have an emulated core in MAME, just strikes me as so far off the beaten track as to leave you on your own when you get stuck.
Omg...nooooooooooo! I didn't see this! Come baaaaaaaack!

I guess...you're not...coming back. Well, hope you're ok and having a lovely time anyhow.

You will be muchly missed *sobs and teary huggles*

There's a lot more to this community than just Pandora related things. Seems a bit silly to burn this most excellent bridge... you will be welcome back anytime if you ever change your mind.

I wish you all the best on your journey, wherever it may take you!


Over and out my good fellow.  ;)
I agree with FaeMinx, plenty more here.

Pop by these off-topic boards now and again, see you :)
aww you're leaving too Lolla? that would make 2 peeps off my pandora based friendslist. Well at least i have CCF's email, assuming he hasnt already sold his 1GHz i can keep him updated about stuff.

We should have a graveyard thread, and pay homage to all our dearly departed's.   ^_^

Quite a few 'larger than life' members seem to have moved on for good.

Some will be missed.

Some will simply be remembered.

And some we would like back just for laughs!   :rolleyes:   :D