Farewell all. I am out.



Just wanting to say goodbye and happy travels to all I had a rapport with. 

Honestly,I have had enough of everything Pandora and find I am gravitating towards other gizmos these days.

Hope a P2 is in the future for you all. I will be exiting this forum permanently [please no applause] :unsure:   ;)

Keep up the persistence and diligence here.

Kind Regards,

So long! And thanks for all the fish... and what ever you do... stay great as you are...
Danm the Shield!  It's just taken a customer from Pandora Community :D .  Will miss you!  Wish you luck with other gizmos.  Please come back soon!
As one of the best PND testers that actually gave feedback, you will be missed.

darn, now the shield thread will decay...
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You don't need to quit just because you've come out publically. We're actually quite tolerant of that sort of thing around here.