Exclusive Gp32 Flu Package For A Reasonable Price.


Dec 12, 2003
London, UK
Hi there,

Due to my lack of time with the machine and games in general, I would like to sell some of my unused systems. Despite being a great device for emulators and such, I was not exceptionally pleased with the quality of some of the emulators on show and generally did not like the commercial games which Gamepark supported.

My GP32 is almost brand new - purchased back in Christmas 2003. Little to no scratches can be found on the screen. The original GP32 box which came with manuals and cables is also included. Unfortunately, I have not got the red plastic peel which came with the box, but my GP32 is still perfectly genuine (i.e.: no minor or major damage to the system, clean history and no hardware modifications).


The machine can overclock to 133 MHz with a pair of batteries and 188MHz with the provided Radioshack AC adaptor.

Package includes:
  • GP32 FLU
  • 128 MB SMC
  • Two pair of AA rechargable batteries
  • Original box, with manuals and guide
  • CD packed with emulators/roms/demos
  • USB cable
  • Compatible Radioshack power adaptor
  • Glacier GBA (Poor condition)
  • Monster Force (GBA game)
I will be shipping the package with DHL, EMS or UPS for guaranteed safety and the ability to track your packages online.

I am looking for a firm price of $220 or £122, with no added commision or hidden fees. I will be paying the shipping costs in full, so I think this offer is very reasonable for the average gamer.

As for payment options - I very much prefer using UK or US bank transfer. PayPal would probably be my last resort.

Please reach me with the following methods:

Email: rphilip@gamingheadlines.co.uk
MSN: rphilip@gamingheadlines.co.uk
AIM: Ramzy PS3x
PM: here

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Ramzy Philip
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Can it oc more than 133 with the batteries?

i alrdy have a gp32 but at that price i would get one for someone else :lol:

Youd might as well keep the rechargable batteries unless ug oing to give the charger also :p
With OpenSNES, it's locked to 133 MHz. However, with other emulators, it can go beyond that level (with batteries).

BTW - whoever IMed me earlier and was interested in this - can you please send another message? I accidentally closed the AIM window...