Gp32 Flu For Sale


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Apr 15, 2004
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Im selling my GP32 FLU because i need money and i dont have time to play if I'm on the run. I havent played with the GP32 so much. Everything is included (usb cable, original box, manual). I flash the GP32 with the firmware you want and i include some freeware/shareware games on one SMC. I didn't used the second SMC ---> isn't formated.

-USB cable
-2x 128mb smart media card (SMC)
-2x AA Batteries

Important: The GP32 runs stable in 166mhz (tested in os9xp 0.3, gpengine, gpdoom...)

I would prefer to send the GP32 to persons who living in Germany.

Thinking about 200€ but we can talk about the price ;)
A NEW BLU is only €149

how much do u want for the Two 128SMC Cards ?
The main thing I want to sell is the GP32. If I sell the GP32 without the smc cards i dont think so many people would buy it.
KoRnfReak posted on Sep 23 2004 at 02:10 PM said:
Nobody is interested :eek: ? I need the money :(

No one is realy interested because a Brand New BLU only costs €149. you are selling a FLU (The Model Below the BLU) for €200. And the SMC's arent worth much anyway.
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Just sell it on ebay with a starting price you are happy with and see what happens.
Yeah your price is rediculous. Its used so don't expect someone to buy it because they can get a new one for cheaper. Even if your price is negotiable your asking price is absurd.