Ebay or Premium Order???


Still Fresh
Aug 23, 2007
Not having the money when the first and second batches were available to pre-order, I can finally afford to get one. Question is do I get one from ebay or go for the premium priced ones? If I go down the ebay route can the warranty be transfered? If not are the premiums close to selling out?
Ha ha, I thought you might say that!!! Are there units still available from the premium option? Also are warranties transferable if I go down that route? Either way I want me a Pandora!!!
There are still units available to my knowledge, I'm off to get mine shortly :)
Ebay you are not sure if you are getting what you paid for. Buying from OP you know you will get what you ordered. There are still Pandora's with the faulty nubs out there that might end up on Ebay stating they are mint and working but when it arrives you get the old broken nubs. So all in all I would do Premium. It saves you a hassle and might even save you money.
Definitely infuse some much-needed capital into the coffers of OP Ltd. and go premium. If I had the cash, I'd order a second Pandora through the premium link.
Premium now ordered, point taken about possible issues with ones sold on ebay. Not sure why you would want to sell one if it was 100% working anyway!!!