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Blah posted on Aug 6 2006 at 02:18 PM said:
Conversely, you can dislike a company while still likeing one of its products.

Like I dislike Microsoft, but I still like to play Halo.

Also, I dislike most of Sony's products, but I still love Beta and Minidisc.
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Blah posted on Aug 6 2006 at 12:29 PM said:
I'm saying the company sucks, not the GP32. GPH eventually gets around to fixing problems, GP almost never did.
At least Gamepark is not spending more time answering questions than developing their handhelds (probably). Having the company communicate closely with the public community just creates 5-page long threads of "THE JOYSTICK IS ANALOG???!?!"
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You are discussing for a big NOTHING... Even Gamepark doesn't know what to do right now. They are confused to make a console for commercial games or a homebrew machine.
If you read some of the other threads, you would have known that all of the handhelds will be open-SDK. Why, they can't be both commerical and hombrew handhelds?