GP2X Dynamism Andlinux (gp2x) Poc Tonight


Apr 10, 2003
I am going to start the upload of the andLinux POC tonight. I will also try and get a Torrent created. I am strapped for time this week, but should be able to get some of the instructions setup on the Wiki while the file is uploading. I still haven't had time to get many things cleaned up, but it is working nicely.

The included development libraries are only partially tested, but it should be fairly simple to use Open2X, Gamepark SDK or any other development system in and_GP2X. As well, anyone can create dev images for public use. They only need to install the tools in /opt/gp2x and compress the gp2x drive image.

Once this is released, I am going to do an open forum for a new name because I would like to have the new name in place before the beta is released. I am also going to concentrate on finishing the plugin system for adding dev environments and completing the installer (which will allow us to work around some CoLinux bugs). I also would like to have it startup SuperKaramba or Gdesklets for launching applications and move away from terminal sessions.

Even though it was moved from Beta to ProofOfConcept, it is important get it peoples hands. Not only will it allow everyone to help with perfecting it, it will also allow everyone to fully understand the project. I started dedicating too many resources to tuning the dev image and moved away from the true point of the project; a way to run native Linux from Windows without rebooting. I also haven't had a chance to really sit down and use the system much myself so this will allow me a chance to start working on my own ports (MaxMAME, MaxMESS, MaxMiga.

Please understand that it is a little messy right now and needs work, but the system will improve rapidly now that anyone can use it and help with it. Right now it is based on my vision and since I am an "Old School" style developer (and not a very strong one), I can really use the input and help from others.

Also, you don't need to be a developer to use this environment. It could be a great tool for anyone who wants to try "playing around" with Linux.


For those just reading about andLinux for the first time:

andLinux (development name that keeps changing) is a Linux system that runs on Windows NT based systems (NT, 2K, XP, 2003, Longhorn, etc...). It uses CoLinux (a port of the Linux kernel to MS Windows), Xming (a port of to Windows) and virtual drives to run. It uses Windows for working with Windows based drives, but can also attach to Linux based drives/partitions.

andLinux is a root style system (meaning that it runs in "administrator" mode), but can be easily converted to use additional user accounts. It also comes with many console based and X-Windows based tools. Thousands of others can be searched, downloaded and installed (automatically) using both console based and X-Windows based tools.

The idea is simply to allow people full access to the development power of Linux without the tools needing to be back ported. It allows for the seamless integration of Windows and Linux without needing to reboot, repartition or setup/invest-in additional hardware or pay for costly virtual machine software (VMWare).

This project was suggested and is supported by myself and Dynamism. Dynamism has provided focus, hardware, testing personnel and people to yell at when I hit stumbling blocks. ;-) Without their help, I would not have made it this far and since my personal version was not even this clean or fast... I really appreciate their help.
andLinux uses CoLinux. CoLinux is a port of the Linux kernel to Windows. It is not a distribution. It is more of a virtual machine. You can install CoLinux, then install all the netoworking tools, VNC or Cygwin or some other X windoing system and try to tune everything to communicate together. I have just setup everything to work together and run by clicking a single file.

I use CoLinux for the backend, Xming for the frontend and get them to work as seemless as possible. Then I add in the development files for working on the GP2X.

This has been explained in previous threads. I apologize for not getting into the details in this post.

No problem, i'm very excited for this! I've been waiting for an easy way to get linux on my laptop without having to resize ntfs partitions or format anything.
I have added a page to the GP2X Dev Wiki at and will add download links and mirrors as they come around. The download is quite large (almost 500MB), but you need to remember that this is an operating system.

The file is currently uploading to and is a self extracting executable. I may end up heading to bed before it finishes. If so, the instructions are on the Wiki and it should be good to go.

If you keep your expectations extremely low... you may okay.

I hope this helps. It has been a lot of work up to this point and there is much more to come.

Upload failed with an Invlid URL error. Made some changes to and reuploading.

After almost 4 hours, the upload still isn't finished. Thanks to Hardwin S., I now have a FTP upload mirror and am uploading to that one also. In about 5 hours, we should be all set (hopefully). I hae also asked a few other for upload links, so I think we will be all set sometime today.

LordDavon posted on Dec 14 2005 at 04:50 PM said:
After almost 4 hours, the upload still isn't finished. Thanks to Hardwin S., I now have a FTP upload mirror and am uploading to that one also. In about 5 hours, we should be all set (hopefully). I hae also asked a few other for upload links, so I think we will be all set sometime today.


File too large for the mirror. ratx has offered another mirror and I have started the transfer. Please wish me luck. ;-)

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