Release DRL

I have just uploaded the "luajit" released to the repo (plus renaming the shortcut to DRL).

Build 02

  • Renamed to DRL
  • Switched from lua to luajit
In the comments to the hydraslayer pnd there is a claim for quasi fullscreen terminal parameters. Not sure whether these'd work with diablorl.
I'm a little bit concerned about the legal status of it... This game clearly uses DooM assets, and the authors are making some money through the donations / kickstarter campaign, so it's no wonder why ID Software (or whatever their name is nowadays) got angry IMHO...

The Zenimax takedown notice only applied to the website as the DoomRL logo made it look like an official company product (there's a reason doom source port logos never look like the Doom logo). You are right in that DoomRL's legal status is questionable; that's the main reason KK moved towards Jupiter Hell. But for now the software and its resources have remained untouched. It exists mostly in a wink-nod-say no more state of acceptance with several people from iD acknowledging they knew about it and even liked it. Kind've like all those many many doom mods that use resources from just about every fps ever made.

In other words you don't need to gut sounds, graphics, or change the name of the software, and you probably never will since this is the worst it's ever gotten and the money has now moved to the more ironclad Jupiter Hell project. If you want to avoid a boilerplate C&D you just need to take care on websites not to look like DoomRL is actually endorsed by Zenimax.
Well the renaming is official, it's not just for our pnd..