Dreamcast & Psx Emulator

A case could be made that NES to Genesis was the hugest leap, but didn't master system and turbo grafx (pc engine) sneak in there?
I still remember clutching my copy of C&VG absolutely gobsmacked looking at screenshots from the first PC Engine games. I think the author was Tony Takashi or something like that; possibly a Japanese correspondant working for the magazine.
Anyway, I was thinking that this little machine was amazing. There was no chance of getting one in Australia at that time. "Grey Imports" were the only way of getting these machines over to the UK back then and because the original PC-Engine only had NTSC-RF out, they need to be modded to work with PAL TV sets.
It was all way beyond my modest budget so I just stuck with my C-128. Every month there after, I remained transfixed to the amazing screenshots in each subsequent issue of C&VG.

So, that was one of the biggest jump for me. And it was definitely a leap, certainly no slow evolution going from 8-bit style graphics to 16-bit style graphics.

After that I predominantly used a PC for many years, which was strange as I do all my gaming on consoles or emulators now. Gaming on the PC has less leaps of technology, the largest one was Doom and Quake - introduction into 3D gaming. The last big leap for me was MMORPGs; I played Ultima Online for 2 years solid.
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