Dosbox 0.70 - Suggest A' Game(tm)

no - but you can increase the cycles. dosbox does not allow you to overclock within the program (except changing the cycle). You can also try the frameskip. Try overclocking before starting dosbox (although in real life I find it to have little impact).

Ok, but what values for cycles and frameskip do you suggest? I can't recall seeing frameskip as one of the options in the conf file by the way..
Hi Chaozz,

I know in Dosbox for win32 you can add the command as "frameskip=xx" where xx=# of skip (not sure if this will work for gp2x but you can try)

I usually use cycles=2500 or 3000 as GP2X can not handle higher cycles.

how to overclock my CPU before I start DosBox?

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nevermind. found a program that does that.

But, it doesn't help. I can't get my simple Dos game to work at reasonable speeds. HELP!!