May 8, 2005
I am a bit lost with the variety of new openhandhelds there.
I think there was a second Dingoo handheld, with almost the same tech as Dingoo.
Later there were those Dingoo/Gemeei handhelds.
I am lost a bit.

Obscure Handhelds, this post
Why there are four types? Dingoo and Gemei that looks the same but with different logo (Dingoo or Gemei) but have different prizes?

I am not sure. Maybe I'd go for the Gemei A330. I hope I am not confusing it with another Dingoo 330. Was the gemei the one with arm11 at 500-600?

The real question though, among those bunch of weird handhelds, where is the scene moving? I'd been thinking to buy the one new handheld where there will be community porting stuff soon. Is there a new scene starting with the Gemei A330?

What can you tell me in brief about this confusion with many handhelds, what is better, where does the community move?
Since that article was written there's been two more units to hit the market. The Gemei X760+LE and the Dingoo A380. These companies keep releasing new handhelds hoping that it will take off like the A320 did. They don't seem to be having any luck at it. Booboo has been trying to get Dingux running on the Gemei A330 but is being held up by Gemei not giving him the needed info. Considering that Gemei came to him and asked him to do it just makes it even more idiotic. However, he was sponsored to port Dingux to a JZ4755 based device so I'd wait to hear more about that as that is where the community will likely go.
Oh, shi.. I totally forgot about A380. And then I read about the 760 as you see in obscure handhelds blog.
It's a shame about Dingux on Gemei A330. Maybe the community won't move on to this handheld?
Let's wait..

What is the future for the next gen handheld with a community? Maybe Pandora is our hope? Or not?