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    Here is Cube Escape, a simple randomly generated "escape the maze".
    The maze is in a fact a multi-layered cube maze, where you can go in lower layer (smaller cube) or upper layer (bigger cube), looking for the way out (the red door).

    The game simply use SDL 1.2, and has no sound.
    It uses ompadss driver for fullscreen, but if you prefer a windowed version (for playing and multitasking), simply create a file named ".windowed" (without the quotes) inside appdata/cubeescape

    Note that {X} and {B} are both mapped to Enter (validate menu, enter door).

    History log

    Build 01

    • Initial build
    • Few Pandora customization
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    Nice. I see the source is linked from the repo page for anyone else curious at to where this came from originally.

    This perhaps plays similarly to the Inside3 cubes that have been discussed in the 'what are you buying' thread recently. I'll have to check it out to see.

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