Cool accessory for UK pandora users


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Aug 27, 2010
I like our 240volt big plug wiring.
I have to say that I feel safer with our 3 pin plugs that with any kind of US plugs. Whenever I go there the plug always feel loose and look dangerous in the sockets. But if you're on such low voltage, it doesn't matter quite so much.

And WTF do you use 500V at home for Craig?

US and Japanese (they are basically the same) always felt very loose to me too. From my experience in Japan there were hardly any 3 pin connecter, mostly 2 pin connecter everywhere. That might be different in newer building... but really it seems to be the norm.

Were I was staying there was separate earth connecter... so you basically beside the normal power plug you would have a ground cable from the A/C unit to this connecter (!)

Sometimes the ground connecter it just under the socket (actually I think it's quite common, PC power cable have a ground connecter that you should connect). In my case it was a good 30cm away.