Compatibility List Update


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Sep 4, 2004
Hi Folks,

thegrimreaper gave me an interesting idea. As a version progresses with the Emulators on the Compatibility lists. Suddenly all the games become untested. thegrimreaper suggested I have a sort of time look option. Sounds mad, but here's what I have done.

In the games/Apps list screens, if it finds a Game/App with no status set, it looks back one version and if the status is set for that, then it is displayed in the comments box. i.e. It tells you what the previous status was set to.
The Games/App main status for the Emu version will still have to be set, i.e. confirmed.

Hope this is of help,

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Thanks Clare, I really like what you've done to your site. It's made it a lot easier to find the status of a game.

I've already used it to have another look at some of the other emulators on your board. Cheers :)
You're welcome :)

I still need the help of everyone to update the database though. I have only just enough time to code the site, but don't have time to test all the games myself as well :( . Please don't leave the games as "Worked in the last version" or when the next version comes along, status will dissapear as it's won't be set in the previous version. Did that make sense?

I will be continuing with two other projects soon, I have to finish them as I need the cash and I have deadlines. So I probably won't be updating the lists for a week or two. As I said previously, any help is greatly appreciated. The lists have grown amazingly since I started it. I'm amazed how many hits it's getting, with referals from all over the place. I hope the site compliments GP32X in some way too.

As always, any ideas for the site are welcomed, and if possoble, when I have time I will try end impliment them.

Also, it would be a help if authors of the Emus etc let me know when new versions are released as I'm not always up to date with it all.

Also Also, If you are an author, and you wish me to add your Emulator to the list, then please drop me a line. If you have a homebrew program or game, then you can easily add it to the GP32 section of the site, log on and add away :)

I really think this site still has a lot of potential, and I think a lot who visit it don't realise what they can actually do. Probably my fault there as I think I should make it more obvious what things do. More obvious instructions might help.

Right I'm gonna stop rambling and head orf to beddy byes now.

Thanks all :wub: