Cannot run certain .PNDs while others running?


Dec 13, 2009
Hello all,

I just recently got my Pandora, and it's been a fun experience learning how to set it up (although I had a lot of trouble booting from a single EXT2 partition; currently I need a separate FAT32 partition for the bootfiles or it doesn't work). However, I've noticed something puzzling.

It may just be that I've installed my PNDs incorrectly or such, but I can't open certain applications while others are open. For example, I can't open Claws-Mail and Pidgin at once, and this behaviour seems to be prevalent with several other applications as well. I can open either of them separately without problems, and they work fine, but if I start one up and try to access the other, the system throws an error and the second PND isn't loaded.

As far as my limited experience suggests, I think the PNDs may be fighting for exclusive access to the device interfaces in "/mnt". I installed all my PNDs in "/usr/pandora/apps" (is that the right/best place?). Is anyone else experiencing this sort of behaviour?

I should also clarify that I am running a very recent (within the last 2 days) image from the openpandora firmware directory on an external SD card in the left slot. Aside from this issue, the aforementioned EXT2 boot issue and some minor gripes with the unfinished state of the OS, I have had no other significant problems with my unit (wireless, charging, booting, controls, etc seem to work fine, although the dpad was a bit spotty at first). =)

Thanks in advance for any help!

EDIT: On a possibly related note, I also notice that while all my apps show up in the main menu, when I try to open a filetype the system hasn't seen before, none of them show up in the application-selection dialogue; I only see the embedded apps like Aurora, Mousepad, etc. Is that normal behaviour as well?

EDIT2: (Oh, also, does anyone know where the embedded apps are stored in the system? I don't really care for Aurora, and was wondering if there was a simple way to remove it.)
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Try installing the applications in the way suggested in the quick start guide / wiki.

According to this thread you might need to reinstall the firmware / reformat your card as well.
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I must admit that I have the same issue on HF5 beta 4 i cant run the a browser then somthing else without closing the browser it gives some sort of mount error.