Best Xbox 360 Games


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Jul 14, 2006
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I just got a new 19inch samsung TV for my room for £240 :D
And i might be getting a 360 to show off the graphics :p
So what are the best games out or coming out for the 360. I have heard gears of war is really good.
Any suggestions? Thanks.
I have had my xBox 360 for a month now and the best game I have for it is Oblivion. The other games I have are okay but just about every game available is either a FPS or a driving game. The best thing about it is the XBox live arcade which is the main reason that I got it, as a few of my friends have one and we are getting very competative about Pac man, Galaga, Marble Blast and Geometry Wars.

Some good XBox games (which are cheapo these days) that work on it are Halo, Serious Sam and Half Life 2 (again, all FPS's).
i got mine about a year ago and the game i keep goin back to is dead or alive 4. On live arcade i cant stop playin ultimate mortal kombat 3 !. I have about 11 games and must be about another 11 live arcade games :).

Whizzbang whats your pacman score ? add me to your friends list to see if i can beat it haha my thingy is iCABBAGESi :D