Beauty competition.


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Mar 4, 2003
Not much text yet - just a few first pictures :)



Dark Chrome:

In the open position you see soms lines on the lid, they don't show in the closed position. Do you see them in regular lichting ED?

Both coatings look gorgeous
Both are nice, but the dark chrome one looks more interesting, especially with the DPAD and nubs being darker (and the keyboard, though not really well visible in that lighting), creating a slight contrast.
I think the logo plate actually looks better with the dark chrome, as it gives the whole thing a more 'metallic' feeling.

Same here.
The logo looks trash on black housing.

Unfortunately the black is not mate enough for me.
It's too shiny.
Looks nearly as cheap on the photo like a black Pandora.

I'd go for the chrome one and sell some unpainted black housings later if people want those.

BTW: I do not like the Photos.
The light is so shiny and I can not imagine how they look in real life.
How dark is the chrome version?
How glossy is the black version?

Could you maybe take some quick and dirty pictures with your phone with both versions side by side on a wooden table with moderate lighting?
I would like to get some ore realistic impressions
It's hard for me. I usually hate fake metal plastics. It feels disengenious.

So I should be just all about flat black. But I cannot deny dark chrome is kinda special.

Very conflicted.
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I like black a lot better actually, it's less flashy. On the other hand I'd also go for a transparent Pyra, so maybe don't trust my aesthetic judgement
Yeah still team clear over here too. But if it must be one of these options I can live with that'm down with it
I like black a lot better actually, it's less flashy. On the other hand I'd also go for a transparent Pyra, so maybe don't trust my aesthetic judgement

I also like the less flashy version.
But on that pictures I can't tell which one is the one.
I'd say mate black is the way to go.
But on the picture that black does not look good (to be honest, chromium neither).
The bright reflections and the white background are killing it for me.

I go play some Darksiders Genesis now.
At least that's all dark stuff one even darker background :p
Actually there looks like there's a smudged fingerprint or something on the first black photo.

As mentioned previously, the logo stands out a little too much against the black case.

I do like the other one much more though - it looks different enough to be special, without being garish or overly flashy.

Looking forward to some videos - seeing how the sheen works when there is movement involved will make a huge difference to the perception.
For me, actually both would be ok, too. I'm finding the chrome a bit more stylish tough. So I'd vote for the Chrome one.
If it rubs off after some years of use, I might just get a new case and be happy :).
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Dark Chrome would also perfectly fit my line of Fujitsu laptops ...