Be Honest, How Run The Best Game Gear Emulator

Aug 8, 2004
be honest, how run the best game gear emulator . is it full screen and does it have a high compatibily. (fsms i think is the better ?) i love sonic 1, megaman, and shining force

(because i big fan of gamegear games . i have a lot of gamgear games. i love the game gear hardware !! too !! i love backlight screen , its one of the reason why i buy a gp32blu and didt buy any gp32 before, i wait for a backlight i hate my gameboy sp front light. i play more often with my gamegear than my sp)
Well, I can tell you one thing... certain sonic games when you go into water it slows down but is very playable otherwise and may be due for an update in the future :)

Yes there is full screen support in fSMS :) there's even RF-Multiplayer support but it goes out of sync from what I've been told...
It runs on three times the speed of a normal gamegear although you can slow it down to a good playable 80-120%.

It has perfect sound and most games work perfectly.