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Dec 13, 2004

I couldn't believe it that faulty product and Nintendo is going to charge $50 to fix it. Its Nintendo's own fault and they are going to charge!!! If the number is as low as they claim it to be, it wouldn't hurt them at all to repair them for free unless the problem is more widespread than they claim it to be.
These cracks dont just happen, they are due to flexing the flips back. And even then, it wont cause the flip to come off. Its mostly cosmetic. Also, i think 2 people out of every 10,000 who own a DS Lite is nothing to get stupid over.

EDIT: no im not a nintendo fanboy. I think that people are just WAAAY over exagerating the "problem".
"Dead pixels are not a defect"

:lol: ... I mean ... :angry:
*rubs hands together and says "eXcellent!" Mr. Burns style*

If nintendo continue to charge for the broken units to be repaired, I'm going to have to laugh in all the fanboy's faces. It's no longer Sony any more that are charging to repair THEIR faulty units.

This is a purely cosmetic problem, of course it isn't covered under the warranty.

(I don't currently own a single Nintendo product btw, I'm anything but a fanboy)
Mudi posted on Jul 20 2006 at 11:37 PM said:
This is a purely cosmetic problem, of course it isn't covered under the warantee.

(I don't currently own a single Nintendo product btw, I'm anything but a fanboy)

Would you consider it a 'cosmetic problem' if your PSP's front face plate developed a slight crack, say near the buttons? I would consider it a defect and expect nothing less than a replacement case .. for free.

Hell, I'd return my '2X if it develped this crack over time, from normal use. These devices are not supposed to be disposable toys, despite what the big dogs on the top think :angry:
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Actually, Nintendo fixed my original DS with one dead pixel. This cracking is from you snapping the screen totally back past its stopping point. Fuck the people who cant even use their DS Lite's properly.
This is way out of perspective. You know what it says in most of your video game manuals? 1 in 4000 kids will experience a seizure from playing. Now, 1 in 5000 people will develop a cosmetic crack in their DS Lite.

Your more likely to have a seizure from playing video games, than developing a crack from over flexing your flip.
nice example grahf.

This is just another case of Angel attacking Nintendo at every possible opportunity. The units are not faulty. They work 100%. The cosmetic damage is hardly even noticeable and the only people who care are probably people who wouldnt buy a DS anyway.
I would say the environmental damage caused by replacing a 100% working unit with another 100% working unit is reason enough for Nintendo not to do so.
yes i'm attacking nintendo to feel that Nintendo has identified a problem with their unit. They know it could be a problem, but are charging people with the problem to fix it. If my business tried to do this, i'd be out of business.

In fact, my company just recently did a promotion for Nintendo were we produced some product for them. An order of 1500 pieces were received and 10 pieces were damaged. We replaced them for free without question. Granted thats not .2% but my company STANDS BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT, and we could not prove that the pieces were not abused or just faulty and we still replaced them for free. Being in a business were the product is physical, its just bad business to have identified a problem with the material that could cause defects in the unit, but charge customers for it.

But i'm sure your a huge business mogul and already understand this. Its not attacking Nintendo, its just a good sense of business and this is not a good sense of business.

I bet Declaration if you were one of the people with a problem you'd feel different.
Angel posted on Jul 21 2006 at 09:07 AM said:
no fuck nintendo for using shit for materials to make the DS lite

I own a DS LIte and it is made with strong materials. I tried pushing down on the screens as hard as I could and they just went back to normal. It was like I never pressed on them. You can go to your local game store and try it on their demo system. :rolleyes:
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You're all very pathetic. Fucking fanboys, you'd rather blame consumers for using it 'improperly' than look down upon your beloved nintendo.

"Oh boo hoo, its the consumer's fault for placing their PS2s in a dusty cabinet and making it susceptible to getting dust caught in the fan boo hoo".

Grahf: Who cares what the statistic is? The fact remains, that a brand new DS lite has a crack in it from being flexed. It doesnt matter if "the stupid consumers flexed it past the hinge point". Nintendo shouldn't have made it where it can go past the hinge point. It's a joke that all the nintendo fanboys clumped together to defend their company. Nintendo is fucking up, and they need to fix it. PERIOD.

Declaration: Wow, you're the biggest fanboy i've ever seen in my life. You cant stand to hear that nintendo is fucking up, so youre taking shots at angel. Like he said, if you had a brand new Lite that cracked, you'd be thinking differently.

Just another reason why i hate the video game industry for what it's become: a bunch of blabbering ninty fanboys who cant look at their company objectively.
daclassicgamingmaster posted on Jul 21 2006 at 12:16 PM said:
You're all very pathetic.

Calm down killer ... the anti-fanboy is sometimes worse than the fan-boy he hates y'know ;)
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TelcoLou posted on Jul 21 2006 at 01:01 PM said:
daclassicgamingmaster posted on Jul 21 2006 at 12:16 PM said:
You're all very pathetic.

Calm down killer ... the anti-fanboy is sometimes worse than the fan-boy he hates y'know ;)
Youre right. It's just so frusterating that theyre blind to the obvious.
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I made a topic some time ago ... I played a DS Lite at EB Games and thought it felt 'cheap', like the plastic was somehow 'softer'.

I still have my original Onyx GBA SP and it's in pristine condition. Seems like it was designed to last ... the DS Lite looks and feels like a toy. Come to think of it, so does the original DS ... I really hate that crappy silver paint; it looks at first glance like a cheap toy laptop, like the junk at the K-Mart toy aisle.

Even the original GBA was made better; I gave my After-burner modded Onyx (japan model) to my nephew, and being 6, he's a bit brutish with his toys (though he's pretty careful with it as best as he can be, knowing it's a special game system). It's in great shape, nothing's cracked on it, the buttons are still responsive ...

My PSP has a single dead pixel, stuck really, it's blue. Pisses me off to, that damn pixel cleaner did nothing :angry:
I don't have a DS lite so I don't know, but if it is caused by flipping the screen back farther then it should be flipped back and it is clear to the user that it shouldn't be flipped back more then I think that it is fine to charge money for it. It is not the same as an internal component that fails without the user ever doing anything but playing games on it. However, if it isn't clear that you shouldn't flip it back that far, then I think nintendo should replace it.

daclassicgamingmaster: You strike me as more of a fanboy than anyone else on this thread, except that you seem to be a sony fanboy. Get over yourself. Sony is known to make faulty products, Nintendo is known to make quality products (endurance-wise, at least). No matter what side you're on, it is difficult to dispute this because there is so much evidence to support it.
That's right, sony does make a few faulty products, but do I deny that? NO. The fact that no one is admitting that nintendo fucks up is really pissing me off. Im sorry you feel that I'm the fanboy here, but let's call the kettle black when it's black and let's not sugar-coat things. You have a DS regular, correct? Flip back the screen; it stops at the proper viewing angle, but then flips back a small bit more. it is designed that way. And the original model doesnt crack. The Lite seems to crack on a few units when pushed back to the second degree, so it should be replaced. End of discussion. They shouldnt have designed it that way if it wasn't meant to be pushed back.

Get over myself? LOL. Do you see me denying that Sony has fucked up a few times on it's own? Not at all.

I may like Sony more than nintendo, but I don't let my love for the company blind me from the truth ;)