Sega And Xbox And Peter Moore


Mar 28, 2006
After Sony claimed rumble feature is a thing of the past, Peter Moore declared backward compatibility is history. And, I not only disagree with that statement, but also got upset by the self-serving claim. I was not going to buy a X360 anytime soon, but this news re-affirmed my decision further.

If you remember, Sega put out hardware and drop support for them at will burning millions of customers. (CDx, 32x and Saturn anyone?) The way they deserted XBox totally reminded me of the way Sega handled their consoles. And then, I realize Peter Moore was ex-Sega exec that saw the end of Dreamcast. Is the old habit that hard to break?
I'm not your run-o-the-mill MS and Bill hater, but I hate everything about the MS gaming division or whatever the hell they call it. And I'm going upstairs to watch Seinfeld, so I'm not going to elaborate right now.
Yeah, Microsoft shirking off backwards compatibility will come back to haunt them--especially once the PS3 that plays not only PS2 but PS1 games is released. If I bought an X360 and heard BC was being abandoned, I'd be furious right now.
i don't think Peter was completely off track, though it will still be worked on, i bet within a year the backward compatible stuff will be completely scrapped.