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Mar 25, 2003
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Hello folks,

Long time no see, uh? ^__^ I've been real busy this year, im sorry

How r the things going with the Wiz? Do we have a proper video/sound/timers/input library out there? What's the latest version of libcastor? 0.2?
Is there anything else to develop with? Got some spare time right now and I want to update, then release, some old sources I have lying around ; -)

God bless bits
you know... information is sparse and/or spread over a million places and heads.

the archive version of libcastor seems to be the recent one. it's used by some of the great projects (mame, ?), but that's information from irc, so take it with a grain of salt.
besides if you're lucky you can get nanogl (via glquake) and/or openGLEs (glquake or quake2) running. Some lucky souls report functional SDL libraries, that's about it.

good luck
& may things get clearer for incoming developers over time.
Welcome back :)

Orkie wrote libacastor.
Franxis wrote wizlib based on libcastor. The functions prototypes are more like minimal lib.
I did the nanoGL version, but the driver is pretty flaky, one should be coming soon from GPH.
Notaz also has some tools, mmu hack, screen timings, memory timings. Look for pulloz_set.

The big thing the wiz isnt much faster than the gp2x is some situations. No one has really pinpointed it, but its a common idea that it is a problem with the wiz memory design.