Awesome Video Game Music


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May 12, 2014
I've heard lots of really good video game music.  It's really hard to choose what I think is best.  I have played a few games recently that had music by Jake Kaufman, and I think he's very talented.  He makes both modern and retro style music.  Ultionus (which is basically a Phantis reboot) has some really good retro tunes, and the Bloodrayne Betrayal soundtrack has some nice rockin' gothic tunes that sound a lot like something you would hear in Castlevania (which is a good thing in my case... I love the music in Castlevania).  He's done a lot of other good game tunes, too... Shantae, Double Dragon Neon, Mighty Switch Force, etc.

Here's a link to his bandcamp site if you are interested:
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