Are you interested in a new Pandora LCD cable?

Would you want to order a new LCD cable for your Pandora for 30$

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Yes, thank you for starting a poll for cable replacements. I am very interested to purchase a couple should there be a new batch.:):p&|a:
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I never had a Pandora (one of my regrets), but I think it's fantastic how much love there still is for them in the community, and the enthusiasm has surely been catalytic towards support for the Pyra too. I might be tempted to donate a nominal (i.e. seriously not much) to such a crowd-funding campaign, if it helped.
The poll seems to reflect some interested in the cables, which is nice, but I'd honestly suggest to vote with the wallet and have a cable pre-order set up.
Yeah, Pandora part production and pre-orders, huh? I doubt HNS would like to sit on unsold cables either if half the people don't follow through, though.
i'm in too!
currently my cable is still fine, but i allready leave my pandy displaytop open most of the time to not stress this part too much.
i would love to get a spare cable and donate the money for a second one to someone who can't afford this right now.

so, where can i send my money? please make it an iban banktransfer too, because i don't use paypal or creditcard etc..
maybe making a list in this thread with a confirmation to get/pay a cable or two would be a start?
thanks! :p&|a:<3
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I bought a second fully working Pandora for parts if necessary for my 1ghz. But I'm still interested in a spare cable
I'd definitely buy a couple of them so I can fix my broken cable and have a spare. I want to be able to keep my pandora alive forever.

I'd be willing to preorder, no problem.

Many thanks to hns if this does go ahead!