Is there a way to get a LCD cable?


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Sep 5, 2019
Cheers levi. Thanks for coming back to this.

Thought of a bunch of things to add in by way of details the second I logged off. What is it the French say? Tempete du exchequer or something like? Staircase wit?

So before coming on here, I tried a bit of self help, so as not to waste anyone`s time. Did look up some of the useful cards... if I recall correctly I do not have the most favoured brands, but do have some fairly small ones still lurking about in the forms of 2gb, 1gb, 512mb, 256mb, and a 16mb. None are actually spotted by Pandora #1.

About my Pandoras: I am just going to call them #1 and #2. Actually bought both of them at the same time out of the last batch sold in what, 2010? 2011 maybe? I forget the year, but they are 1 Ghz. At the time I was fairly flush with cash. So I got them, but also had a few other toys, so I did not go nuts with them right away. Basically turned them on to make sure they worked and put mame on #1. So when I came back to #1 after a bit was when it seemed like I could not log into it. Went to #2, put it through 1st boot & voila. Found some more apps for it like office and such, and have enjoyed it quite a bit since then.

With #1, at some point I did get a bit panicked with it not letting me log in, tried every PW I ever used back then, everyone I use currently (although it is not possible one of those could work) and probably tried every option on the right shoulder button boot menu. Ayuh, that means I have probably tried that old kernel 2.6 option that I have since read bad stuff about. Actually all I have ever read on it is never do it, so yea... hoping it isn`t dead forever because it is practically new. If it is, I suppose that is the lcd cable for #2 solved, not to mention any other parts needed.

BTW #1 does boot. It gives a lot of, I think they were batch fail messages? Eventually leads to the log in screen where it knows my name... and does not recognize anything I put in as a PW. Unless I just flick power on without holding the right button. Then it just goes straight to log on and no PW.

Anyway, being as 1 does not find the 1gb card, I tried it in 2 and lo, it upgraded to superzaxxon 3.76, no problems. Well, couple minor problems. It doesn't do tv out, which I might need kinda soonish if the lcd cable is gonna TTU and I have to start using my Icuiti specs with it, and it really wants to run at 1 Ghz, which I keep resetting it not to do as a lot of what I use it for does not need more than 600 Mhz. Probably get that worked out myself as just update growing pains sort of jazz, but it's frustrating you know? Like having some big new cards to take advantage of the machine`s full capacity and finding out that I have to get them formatted correctly, then not being able to format them. Not really a crisis, but annoying.

Another odd aside, anyone have any idea how many issues with pandora music channel or software or whatever it is populate the search when I am trying to get my cool little computer squared away? Enough to frustrate someone into signing up as a noob at a message board. :D

PS: was just reading elsewhere on the forum where someone had some luck using an EXT2 formatted card. Maybe this... if I can figure out where to get something into a machine that is working that can do that. Sort of down on my luck on computers at the moment. Right as I was moving a virus took out my two notebooks (broke my windows HA). Anyway the moving bit only matters as my options to restore from backup is buried ATM. Like I said, not really a crisis, just annoying.

Might be my whole history with electronics actually. When it comes to linux, I am a complete noob, but learning now, thanks to this virus jazz (Flippin' Windows & stupid NSA tools, script kiddie... yea, whatev). Actually did do some tech support though... waaay back in the day. It was Windows '95 baybee, and the mad-light on the phone was never off, though we only had it go yellow a few times, and only one red.

It was the mad-light because it told us how many customers were in the queue listening to Miles Davis hold music, and getting angry. Usually a lot right after a computer magazine published a drivespace article.

Yep, I'm old. Cheerio.
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