AP40, Old School Apple inspired controller from 8Bitdo


Hipsters gonna buy.
I wonder whether those are the same that say the Pyra is overprized.
I wonder whether those are the same that say the Pyra is overprized.
Maybe we should replace the Pandora logo by an Apple logo then.
Then we can just pretend that half of the cost is licensing for the logo and everything will be fine.
My little note is the main reason I thought it might be of interest to some here (also, my tags). Maybe I am the only person here interested in Apple IIs.
it looks like one of their other controllers with an evil rainbow on it (and a leaf in the usb port).
$380 HKD is $49 in USD. Considering the NES30 Pro is $43 on amazon, you're only paying a couple extra bucks for the fancy paint scheme, tablet stand, and BT-to-serial dongle.

IMO, the NES30 pro is the best BT gamepad you can get for any money. Highly recommended for emulation purposes.
FYI, despite sharing the same connector, a joystick port DE-9 D-sub is not a reduced size RS232 serial port.

Also, I'll not the //c joystick port is not atari 2600 compatible, unlike most joystick ports of that shape. Not sure if it's analogue or not. Most old computers before 1982 made their own joystick standards, with the exception of the VIC-20, which was forward thinking enough to be compatible. The C64 and Amstrad machines are all compatible with atari-style joysticks, as are Kempston joystick interfaces for the ZX Spectrum. An adaptor between //c joysticks and atari-style ports would need some logic in it, and not be a dumb passthrough, but it should run on the +5V power provided on pin 7 of the machine's output fine IMO.
After reading the adaptor section again, and a quick check of IIc info (I am not very familiar with the differences in the IIc and IIGS from the rest of the line), I found out that it should work with any Apple II (it is the mouse connector that is different on the IIc , not the one for the joystick, although on those machines it is the same connector). That makes it even more interesting to me. Plus it can be used with other controllers I already have.

I might pick up one of those adaptors after I see some reviews and if the price drops a bit. The $380HKD price is only for the Apple themed controller or the adaptor alone. If you want a controller with a stand or adaptor it is more, so it is a bit expensive, at least for the part that caught my eye (looks like the NES and SNES adaptors are only $20USD, which is a bit more acceptable imo).
... and yet it's 111% funded with 24 days to go... I guess there's no accounting for taste. ;)

There are slightly enough old Apple Fans out there. They can't be proud of what's happened to their brand name.