Anyone actively developing games for the Pyra?


Oct 28, 2015
Actually yes. The EldritchParty [Formerly The RGB] are porting/remaking a few titles that have just recently [2018] been recovered.

The other thing is a semi game as the original plan for the osiris company project was to use a secondary device to handle certain ingame events as well as player inventory and incoming messages from characters within the game.
The plan was to use a players cell phone through an app to handle the extra stuff [where as if the player did not/preferred to not have a phone, the extra content would be within the full game UI], which slowly became "if players owned a pyra, there would be exclusive functionality and content specifically built to take advantage of this new device". So instead of just receiving messages and accepting missions, it would extend over to preplanning before a set mission, controlling secondary objects such as the mech during combat, obtaining video feed of areas separate of the player and a few others. Anyway the core premise of the extend system is to bring another level of immersion with the game itself. It worked fairly well with Silent Opera [despite that being purely a 2-d horror game] so it would be interesting to finally flesh out this idea in a more action horror styled 3d game.

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Dec 29, 2009
You gonna make some video games with it? We need some original games for the Pyra.
Well sprite art is one thing but always a programmer is needed. I have done several sprites in amiga 500 resolution and will do a game mock up soon. Guess i will keep plugging away. Maybe someone on the amiga forums will assist or not...

If anyone here needs sprite art for a Pyra game though i can do that. I am still learning but im learning fast. Regardless i am enjoying creating animated characters.


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Apr 25, 2011
I have a programming game... it's called "Finish it yerself"... :)

In all honesty, I would love to, but I'm really failing on motivation... and that's because I don't think I particularly "sold" on any of my project ideas.
I guess I still like the idea of the Pyra Party, maybe even get guest game contributions if I ever actually established the core. Might be a nice project to break into some simple 3D game construction
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