Another "what changed" thread


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Apr 17, 2006
I made one of these a while back. Today, I got my Pandora back from EvilDragon, all fixed up, after a year lying dormant in my house with a broken LCD cable.

What's changed since around this time last year? I'm seeing a lot of talk about 1ghz Pandoras, and my Pandora now says "Super Zaxxon" when I boot it up, and it has a neat little app in the tray for adjusting all sorts of stuff. Did anyone ever write that DS emulator? Are we playing Dreamcast games on our Pandoras now?

(Also, I noticed that Pandorapress hasn't had any posts in a long time, though I'm still paying for the domain and hosting. If you want to help revitalize it, PM me.)
Nothing new, still waiting for a pandora...

hum, wait there's something new, I can now pay a leg and an arm to get my pandora faster... in theory...
I think you could install PNDManager from repo and have a blast with all the new apps and programs, including perfect psx emulation and some nice new games from the rebirthcompo.

Unfortunately we don't play dreamcast, as there is still no emulator, but the author wants to try on a 1GHz Unit I think. I compiled a dsemulator, but it runs at 2 fps at best ;)

I think is given up right now. If you want to revitalise it, that would be a nice thing, but there should be a thread around with some more explaination from foxblock.
Good to see you back atomicthumbs, as for what's new, I'd suggest checking out Android on Pandora, it's in a beta state at the moment but it is highly usable & lots of Android games / apps run well.

+1 for checking out PNDManager it's awesome.
There is a thread around in which myself and others expressed genuine interest in pandorapress but I don't remember getting any response. I also PMed Gruso but no response there either!

Sniff... I felt snubbed :(
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