My Rebirth Pandora, checking the Vitals!


Still Fresh
Jun 22, 2013

My Pandora was lying around idle for few months, the display got bust and power adapter too as early as March of this year. ED was about to dispatch a cable when logistics changed for ever due to Covid. Senile me, that never had an idea about putting the battery in the freezer. My case is severely battered with the left nub and power switch slots lying vacant. Battery don't contact well either. In spite of these I wanna get my Pandora as a HID device till I am able to get a new cable and case.

Now that I got a new power adapter, my gadget is kicking. Though don't have a display, I am ok with connecting via ssh to LinuxSwat's SL4P (Slackware Linux) booting from SD. Don't know why the default SZ boot aint coming up well. Damn cool that I can ssh on USB OTG and Wifi too in SL4P.
Extracted the MasterControl.pnd into Slack and it loads well as long as I can export the DISPLAY to another XServer. But then I would prefer to HID without this X liability.

Please give me ideas to check out on all the vitals of my Pandora, so as to make a decision to send it across to ED or handle things myself.

Nataraj S Narayan