Another Ps3 Pricing Thread


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Dec 13, 2004

This is a perfect example, the 2nd graph shows what the consoles would cost considering inflation. This is an interesting spin on the pricing of the PS3 and Xbox 360. You'll see the earlier systems would cost more than the PS3 if they were released today. It's sad. Nobody cares about the facts and the fact that the PS3 is not the most expensive console, and by todays standards is priced rather reasonably considering inflation over the years.

For the record...its too expensive for me to buy. I'm open minded about the pricing and understand the pricing, but I do not have $500 to throw at a video game machine
The fact is, the PS3 is rather a lot like the Saturn. Too many processors for its own good. Too expensive. Catch my drift?

Also, your link is broken.
I wouldn't say it's unreasonable no matter what. The price is totally just for the tech from a production standpoint, the only question is whether console gamers are prepared to pay for the premium of brand new technologies. Only time will tell...
i don't think its unreasonable either, with current inflation rates from 1979, remember, the Atari 2600 debuted at $299 and I have a boxed 2600 with a price tag of $200 from JcPenny its a 4 switch version so its early 80's model, the PS3 is priced about what gaming systems should be priced. Video games is one industry that for some reason, inflation has had little to no effect. Atari 2600 games were $40 a pop, hasn't changed that much, its just nobody remembers those days and all the whiny bitches on message boards bitching about the price are punk kids that didn't grow up during the early days of video games and don't understand how the pricing works.
Well no one cares about the overpriced atari. :p

Look every good console, NES, MasterSystem, Genesis, SNES, N64, PS1, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, and 360 all are cheaper then the PS3.

Stop trying to convince yourself that what Sony is doing is OK. Its not going to fly in the real world.
In angel's defense, I dont think he's trying to 'convince himself'. He's merely trying to show people the other side of ps3 pricing.

People who arent open-minded dont even have to buy it. No one's asking you to shell out the money because angel is right, blah blah blah. Just see and compare previous console pricing; that's all ;)
It really has nothing to do with being open minded. No one's contesting these numbers, but consumers (myself included) don't care about inflation or how much a 30 year old game system would cost. People have limited funds for entertainment. I certainly do and Angel himself said it was too expensive for him to buy, so to me that's a pretty good sign that this console that is trying to appeal the mainstream consumers is priced unreasonably.
Right, however I myself (and many of my friends included) will be buying the ps3. What it really boils down to is whether or not you personally believe it's worth it for the console, blu-ray, etc.

Again, all he's trying to do is show that high pricing has been used before. Whether or not you care is one thing, but to say that he's trying to convince himself that sony's pricing is OK is another thing entirely.

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thats right, i'm not saying its right or its all fine and dandy, its just the fact that you see people bitching everywhere about the price. hey, it could be worse, in fact, the PS2 could've cost $500 but it didn't. I will have a PS3 sometime or another, just not at launch, and if Blu Ray does take off as a preferred format, then hell yes i will have one since right now a fricking blu ray player alone cost $1,000. Which makes no sense whatsover, the PS3 is new technology, the technology cost money, the Wii is NOT new technology so it can be manufactured less, but again, it could've been worse and i actually think $500 is a fair amount, but again, out of my budget.
Consoles were pricy back then, but times do dictate what people consider reasonable. Computers especially, but electronics in general have continuously dropped in price over the years. People just expect to pay less these days.

In my eyes, it all comes down to blueray. There is no argument that DVD playback is the rocket that propelled the PS2 into everyones homes. PS2 = cheap DVD player. PS3 = cheap blueray player. EVERYONE was ready to ditch their VHS for DVD, but it remains to be seen how many people are ready for blueray. Im not.
Rather than making ANOTHER thread :rolleyes: , I came across this, scanned it, and think it could bring a new perspective to how people feel about the ps3, as well as the wii and 360. It's a scan from my brand-new GI magazine:

I don't care what anyone says, I don't have the money for an all-singing all-dancing game system. It's a Wii for me.
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I don't care what anyone says, I don't have the money for an all-singing all-dancing game system. It's a Wii for me.

but with the way you'll have to use the controller you will be singing and dancing.
Some of us are not scared of actually moving. Some of us are also not bothered about how we look whilst having fun.

With the combination of your stupid sig, your even stupider avatar and your constant narrow-minded Wii bashing attempts, you come constantly come across as the stereotypical teenage GTA loving Sony fanboy.
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