Amiga Party!!!

Apr 15, 2003
S. Wales
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Some of you may very well remember the Amiga - others may have heard of it but never had the fortune of using one.

Edge magazine in its March 1999 Issue called the Amiga "The best PC in the world". It simply was. Light years ahead of its time in terms of design and functionality it was a good 10 years before the Windows box managed to catch it up and over take it.

Well the Amiga never really died - it simply simmered in the background changing hands with many companies who added to the recipe - some added some good stuff, other nearly spoiled it.

Amiga is now in the hands of a company called KMOS. We have had developer hardware for quite some time and OS 4 is near completion. Infact you can buy an Amiga One Dev motherboard (or you could - the several thousands that were made have all sold out) with a Pre-Release of OS 4 (a very stable Beta - but not quite polished to be called the final release). There is also a tiny little mini ITX mobo called the MICRO A1. No date has been given for the consumer releases, but I hope its before christmas.

The Amiga has migrated to the PowerPC line of processors. Furthermore KMOS is headed up by a bloke called Gary Hare - the man has had his hand in turning the fortunes around of many a company. Quite simply he has the midas touch.

OS 4 itself still remains small, fast and nimble like OS 3 - but now with some of the essential features of a modern operating system.

Anyway the point of my posting - over in the Amiga community we are having a party...

Click here for more details

You are more than welcome to come and find out what its all about!

Edit - just adding some useful links for you :)

if you wish to find out more about the next gen amigas please visit . If you are looking for the Amiga equivalent of GP32x please take a trip to