American Express

Yeah I got reorder e-mail I guess in error as well. I asked for response but didn't get one. I guess I'll ignore. I hope this doesn't mean problems.
As usual, Debs to the Rescue.

"Hi Dan,

Sorry about that, you shouldn't of received this e-mail as you don't
need to re-order.


I would have thought that, while it may be unclear for AMEX users who don't have their refunds yet, anyone who has been refunded probably ought to reorder.
Yes, but I haven't been. It's still in dispute pending resolution.

I'll be sending it as soon as I get it, but it won't be by this deadline.

It probably will be before they ship though.
Sorry to bump an old thread but just an update that I received my letter from AMEX saying that I was fully refunded and that the case is closed. I'll be sending a bank transfer in the next couple days. One more customer craigix doesn't have to worry about.
God Ginrai, you should be able to file a dispute with Amex if you wanted too. I don't know what that means for Craig, so I went ahead and issued a chargeback so that when I was credited, I could than turn around and mail out a check/MO to make sure they got my money.