Aliens Doom WAD, does it work?


Still Fresh
Sep 8, 2003
Has anyone managed to get classic Doom Wads like Aliens, Starwars, Simpsons.. etc to work with gp32 Doom yet? I tried playing around with a few but couldn't get them to run.. maybe this was just because I tried this a while back on an earlier version before full support for Wads.. ?

I tried Stardoom, couldn't get it work, Simpsons, couldn't get it to work, however the wads FF3 doom and the ones made by someone here on the boards, search the boards for Twilight and Western, they both work well. I use V.9 doom, and i can't get half of the wads to work.
Some wads only work if loaded as extra wads with certain versions of the origional doom wads i.e only with doom2. Stardoom works for me when loaded as an extra wad with ultimatedoom. As long as when you download them you only get .wad files and not lots of other files they usually work.
This probably isn't the alien wad youre looking for but it does work it works with ultimate doom and probably doom1