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Apr 10, 2011


AlexKidd2X v0.6.4u
GP2X SMS/GG Emulator

v0.6.4u (unofficial build by Nightbird):

- Integrated the 256x224 SMS2-VDP screen resolution for Codemasters SMS and SMSGG-Compatible games.
This fixes the following games, so that the bottom of the screen is no longer cut off:
Micro Machines, Cosmic Spacehead, Excellent Dizzy Collection (Game Gear version).
- Master System games now working: Shadow Dancer, Ace of Aces, Sangokushi 3, Dodgeball King,
Jang Pung 2, Jang Pung 3.
- Game Gear games now working: Excellent Dizzy Collection (runs in 256x224), Ernie Els Golf, Dropzone,
CJ Elephant Fugitive, Pete Sampras Tennis, Micro Machines 2, Jang Pung 2 (runs in 256x192).
- Street Hero (proto v2) now correctly switches to 'SMSGG' mode if your rom has '.gg' extension.
- Added an option in the Rom Configuration Menu to turn off the hardware sprite limit. This bypasses
the 8 sprite per line limit of the original hardware. It eliminates sprite flicker on most games
(you can now play R-Type without flickering enemies). The new option 'NO SPRITE LIMIT' is switched
'on' by default which keeps most games flicker free. But if you prefer the sprite flicker/limits of
the original hardware, just switch the option to 'off'.
- Added the ability to reset the Master System/Game Gear, as it avoids having to exit the game and
reload the rom if you want to start a new game. Just press A+Y+R whilst a game is running to reset
the system.
- Made some CPU changes. Increased the default CPU Clock from 140mhz to 144mhz. Removed CPU clock
settings below 120mhz as many games will suffer a drop in frame rate or have sound issues at these
speeds. Added more CPU frequency increments to the Rom Configuration Menu.
- Updated Z80 core (this has fixed the pause bug in Robocop 3 and Dinobasher which previously caused
these games to lock-up).
- Added an option in the Rom Configuration Menu called 'Game Gear Expand', which when enabled will
scale 160x144 Game Gear games to a size halfway between 1:1 and Full Screen Mode. Note: This option
only works when the 'Screen Mode' option is set to '1:1', and 'Game Gear Size' is set to 'Orig'.
Setting the 'Screen Mode' to 'FULL' or 'Game Gear Size' to 'SMS' will override this option.
- Added three new Marquees. 'sms-codemasters' for Codemasters 256x224 screen resolution games,
'gg-expand' for the new 'Game Gear Expand' mode, and 'universal' which can be used on both Master
System and Game Gear (including 'Expand' mode) games. All are made from the 'sms-pedator2' Marquee.
- Added code to force 50hz refresh on games with known issues running at 60hz. See 'readme.txt' for
more info and 50hz games list. These games will be forced to run at 50hz regardless of the
Region/Display setting. You will know which games this applies to as '(50hz)' will be displayed at
the top of the Rom Configuration Menu in the title of your selected game.
- Added information in the Rom Configuration Menu to indicate if a Game Gear game is a 'Master System
Compatibility Mode' game. 'SMSGG' will be displayed at the top of the Rom Configuration Menu in the
title of your selected game. These roms can have either the .gg or .sms extension and will still
automatically switch to SMS resolution regardless of Game Gear screen size settings.
- Added information in the Rom Configuration Menu to indicate if a game supports Yamaha FM sound.
'(FM)' will be displayed at the top of the Rom Configuration Menu in the title of your selected
game. You can then enable 'Yamaha FM Sound' if you wish to. Note: FM Sound emulation on compatible
games requires a higher CPU clock setting to maintain frame rate ('166mhz ~ 200mhz' for 'EMU2413',
and at least '225mhz' for 'YM2413'). I recommend using 'EMU2413' as it is less CPU intensive and
has a slightly higher volume level.
- Stopped the emulator forcing Sega Mark III Japanese region when enabling FM Sound on compatible
games. It was causing some Euro/US games to display Japanese text (Time Soldiers was one).
- You now need to press 'Click+A+X' or 'Vol Down+A+X' to delete a rom, as it was too easy to
accidentally delete one before.
- Completely rewritten and updated the Rom CRC internal database (now has 2800 entries, previous
release had around 1100). Now after a CRC scan, for nearly all roms you will be able see the rom
codes (e.g. region, beta, translated etc.) regardless of filename length, so you can set options
accordingly in the Rom Configuration Menu. Or, if you prefer not to do a CRC scan, you can still
see the internal database name in the Rom Configuration Menu after you select a rom.
- Save States should now be working in pretty much every Master System and Game Gear game.
- Fixed the system lock-up caused by simultaneously pressing 'Start' and 'Select' in the Rom
Configuration Menu. If you press them together now it exits the emulator, same as it would in the
Rom List.
- Removed the option of moving the stick left/right to change options in menu, as it can be
over-sensitive and easy to alter options accidentally when scrolling up/down. I've defined the 'A'
button to decrease options ('B' was previously already defined to increase), so you must now use 'A'
and 'B'. Due to button 'A's new functionality, 'L+Y' is now used to save current rom configuration
as default configuration for all roms.
- Made some changes to the default controls. Check 'readme.txt' for complete keymap.
- Reset the load/save slot to '0' when loading a rom. As each game has its own discrete 10 save slots,
it is more practical to always reset to slot '0' when starting a new rom rather than your first save
ending up in say slot '6'.
- Changed the way remapping your keys is executed to cover all GP2X hardware variations and retain
compatibility with USB joypads. Now when you remap your keys, on most GP2X's you will need to press
each key twice while remapping. You'll know if you need to press the key again, as the screen won't
move on to the next stage until you do. On a lesser amount of GP2X's, you will only need to press
each key once.
- Disabled the FPS meter on exit rom so it doesn't show for every rom you load thereafter.
- Fixed Marquee clashing with gaming area when forcing a Game Gear game to SMS resolution.
- Fixed buttons 1 and 2 being reversed when remapping keys to a USB joypad.
- Fixed osd messages relating to previous roms from appearing when you load a new rom.
- Fixed load/save messages and the FPS meter getting partially stuck on-screen when playing Game Gear
games in Full Screen Mode.
- Fixed the sluggish osd screen update when changing between load/save slots.


Note: 'cfg' files from previous versions are not compatible with this version. You must start afresh.

Alexkidd2x_v0.6.4u GP2X

Alexkidd2x_v0.6.4u GP2X
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Screenshots showing additional menu options, and (FM ) + (50hz) info tags:

Screen Mode: 1:1---------------------------------------------Screen Mode: 1:1
Game Gear Expand: Off--------------------------------------Game Gear Expand: On
Game Gear Size: Orig----------------------------------------Game Gear Size: Orig
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Cheers. I plan on doing a bit more with this when I have some time. I need to fix the Fantastic Dizzy palette bug, and add TMS9918 support. I updated Frodo last year too, just forgot to post it due to having a crap year. The palette on the existing Frodo release looks pretty bad, particularly the blues. I rewrote the RGB Palette and a couple of other bits and it now looks very nice on the GP2X screen. I'll post it probably at the end of next month when I get some time to test it properly.

Hard to believe the old GP2X is approaching its tenth birthday.
How time flies. :(