Alexkidd2X V0.6.2U Gp2X


Still Fresh
Apr 10, 2011
AlexKidd2X v0.6.2u
GP2X SMS/GG Emulator

v0.6.2u (unofficial build by Nightbird):

- Gained about 20% to the maximum volume level (primarily done to correct the low volume in the
  previous release when running on an F100. Note: Make sure 'Volume Limit' isn't switched on in
  'System' if using pre v4.xx firmware).
- Rom CRC scan for the GoodSMS/GG database now requires you to press 'Select+Y' to scan instead of
  just 'Select'. This was done to prevent accidental CRC scans as it can take up to 5 minutes to
  CRC check a full romset.
- Some minor adjustments to the Rom CRC GoodSMS/GG internal database.
- Fixed the Remap Keys bug which would cause buttons 1 and 2 to be reversed.
- Removed Show/Hide FPS and Show/Hide Battery Level from 'Stick Click+Y' and 'Stick Click+X'
  respectively to avoid accidently showing/hiding them during gameplay if you have remapped
  your keys. You can still Show/Hide them using 'Select+Y'(FPS) and 'Select+X'(Battery Level).
- You now need to press 'Start+Select' in the Rom List rather than just 'Start' to exit the emulator.
- Dinobasher (Codemasters-Prototype) now works (Note: Run this game in Euro/PAL(50hz) mode otherwise
  it will run too fast. Also, don't press pause during the game as it will freeze, requiring you
  to exit back to the Rom List).
- S.S. Lucifer - Man Overboard (Game Gear) now works (Note: Run this game in Euro/PAL(50hz) mode
  otherwise you will get a high level of screen flicker. Also, you can't see the rising sea level
  which makes it hard to judge how much time you have at the first attempt in some levels).
- Separate binary for GP2X-F100 running firmware 4.xx to prevent battery level indicator bug.
See 'readme.txt' for additional info and keymap. Thanks to Israel Lopez Fernandez (Puck2099) for creating this Emulator.
Alexkidd2x v0.6.2u GP2X